We have prepared 3 ways on how you can help.

If you have any questions or need more information about our work, please contact us.

1. Membership in the association

With this form of support you make a regular annual contribution (from 30 €) to finance the children’s home Charity Home.

With your help, the running costs of the house are covered while clothing and food for the children are bought, as well as the home furnishings.


2. Sponsorship

With a sponsorship you enter – if you like it – you can achieve a personal relationship with a child. You take on a longer-term responsibility and provide primarily for the school education of your protege.

You decide for yourself whether you want to finance your sponsored child’s kindergarten, elementary or secondary school or even his/ her university visit.


3. Direct transfer to our donation account

If you wish, you can also transfer your donation directly to the Akwa Mmiri Donation Account:

IBAN: DE31 3706 0193 0025 6480 13, BIC: GENODED1PAX, Pax Bank Cologne