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Many Thanks to Rotary-Club Krefeld!

One of the main goals of the Association:
AKWA MMIRI e.V. in accordance with the statutes, is the assurance of a healthy and regular nutrition as well as a good care of the sick. Akwa-Mmiri e.V., with the sum of 4400€, from donations received before Easter 2019, was able to support the children in DDL CHARITY HOME Children’s Home in Enugu, Nigeria with a large supply of medicines for health care.

The manager of the Charity Home, Sr. Veritas Onyemelukwe has been delighted to receive several packages via Action Medeor to Enugu, Nigeria. Because this has made her work much easier especially for the children in ensuring their health and growth.

We would like to thank all donors who helped our Association before Christmas and during Easter especially Rotary-Club Krefeld. Together we are strong. A heartfelt blessings of God.

We humbly ask, however, for more support so that we can continue this beautiful work.

Yours in Divine Love,
Sr. Petra Chukwudike