School Infirmary


Access to a doctor or hospital is, for the poor, very difficult in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria. It simply lacks nationwide coverage. In addition, families often cannot afford a doctor’s visit.
Therefore, medical and sanitary facilities in schools are, without doubt, important. It could ensure care and treatment of poor and sick students and people in need of care. In some schools, such stations are already provided for sick children, but not in all!
Much has to be done here but urgent help is needed to make it work.

For the achievement of this goal, the basic equipment for the stations with medical equipment and drugs as well as beds and sanitary facilities are necessary. This requires enormous financial resources that can only be provided through donations.

Even with small amounts, you can help a lot!

Auch mit der kleinsten Hilfe können Sie einen wirksamen Beitrag zur Linderung der Not in den Krankenstationen leisten.

Zum Beispiel

mit 1 €

ermöglichen Sie
einen Malaria-Test

mit 2 €

spenden Sie
10 Infusionssets

mit 5

finanzieren Sie
4 Hepatitis C Schnelltests

Even with small amounts, you can help a lot!