Solar Academy


Many young people in Nigeria grow up without any future prospect, especially wise men and children from poor families cannot attend schools because they simply cannot afford the school fees. Without outside help, one has no chance of escaping poverty.

Perspektives für Nigeria e.V. has dedicated itself to the well-being of young people in South-Eastern Nigeria and supports long-term aid projects. Our goal is to empower young people to earn a living and lead dignified lives with their families through education. Sound vocational training is a prerequisite for this.

That is why we are planning to set up a vocational school for solar energy specialists in cooperation with our localpartner – DR. ALUTU’S COLLEGE OF EXCELLENCE and SF SOLARFORTE (CLEAN ENERGY FROM THE SUN – which offers this alternative technology

. This school will be called ST. JOSEPH THE WORKER SOLAR ACADEMY and would primarily support low-income students. In 2019, the school in Nnewi North in south-eastern Nigeria is to admit the first fifteeen students. It is expected that after the first year, students should be proficient in the area of study and in three years, having obtained an Ordinary National Diploma, they should be able to take up jobs in the solar industries or start their own businesses in that directionals.

Photos of the construction of a solar system in the children’s home Charity Home in Enugu.

Escape poverty with solar energy

Many households in Nigeria are deprived of power supply. The reason for this is the catastrophic state of the energy industry, supply bottlenecks and poor power grids. Solar technology is, for many, the only way to be powered at all. In South-Eastern Nigeria, some solar companies are already working. We will work together with the company SF: SOLARFORTE (CLEAN ENERGY FROM THE SUN), which offers this alternative technology and has agreed to take the trainees for free IT: Industrial Training assignment. We want to work closely together with these companies. Thus, the practical training and a subsequent takeover of the trainee in the company is guaranteed.


We are dependent on donations for the implementation of the SOLAR ACADEMY project.

Although the curricula have been approved by the Ministry of Education and are taught by trained, permanent members of staff, the local administration only covers about 20% of the costs. For the foundation, the equipment with learning and exercise material and the operation of the SOLAR ACADEMY, urgent financial aid is needed.

Help with a donation! 

Donations in kind are often a simpler form of promotion for companies.

You can help the students in the solar academy tremendously, if you Provide tools, measuring instruments, learning aids or even components for solar systems like Solar Panels, batteries, Inverter, solar street lightening charge controller, PWM charge controller, solar street lightening charge controller, solar street lights, KVA-Inverter, Digital Multimeters voltage, working benches, digital clam on meters etc.

Contact us, we will discuss the details!