Why Nigeria?

This is because here, your help is urgently needed.

Although Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer, the overwhelming majority of the population lives in poverty there. The average income of a family is just € 85 per month and there is also an unemployment rate of 40%! To make matters worse, there is the appalling level of corruption that prevents a lot state aid from reaching where it is needed. Often the weakest in society suffer the most from this situation. It’s the children – this is where our work begins.

With our clubs we can help locally.

Since the help really arrives here.

Our aid projects in Enugu are conducted by the Sisters of the Congregation of Daughters of Divine Love (DDL). The Congregation is active worldwide. The DDL sisters living in Leverkusen are our link to the people of Enugu and are also a guarantee that your donations will be used well and responsibly. In this way, our work gets a personal connection to the helpers and the supported people.

The use of your donations is comprehensible at any time.

The “DDL Project development and Coordination”  is a bridge between Germany and Nigeria

The congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love, abbreviated as (DDL) is a Catholic order of the religious women with pontifical right. The sisters have committed themselves to the goal of carrying the message of the love of God into the world through their active service to needy people.

The congregation was founded in 1969 in Nigeria, where it still has its headquarters today. The circle of the approximately 1000 sisters, however, goes far beyond Nigeria’s borders – about 1/3 of the sisters is active in other African countries, but also in Europe and in America.

The focus of the charitable work of the DDL Sisters is on children and adolescents. The congregation maintains its own schools, hospitals and children’s homes in many countries, where the most vulnerable are primarily cared for. Other measures support women, single educators, the homeless and the sick.

DDL Sisters at the work in children’s home Charity Chome

In Germany, about 80 DDL sisters work in various health and social sectors. In Leverkusen too, the Blue Sisters – as they are often called on the basis of the colour of their veils – are active. Four of them from the Convent in Leverkusen-Opladen work at the local archbishop’s Marienschule and in St. Remigius Hospital Leverkusen-Opladen, where the very first aid campaign for a schoolchild was also launched in Nigeria.

The sisters are extremely important to the work of the development. They are the link between the supporters in Germany and the people in need in Nigeria:

  • Here on the site, they are the driving force in acquiring donations. As part of “DDL Project development and Coordination Germany” by Sr. Petra Chukwudike, who is also active in both boards, it coordinates the work of the two organisations Akwa Mmiri e.V. presented here and perspectives for Nigeria e.V
  • In Nigeria, the sisters themselves help the needy in schools, homes, hospitals etc.  They guarantee that your donations will be conscientiously used.

Of course, we as an association and you as a potential donor are interested in ensuring that all funds are really used for the purposes stated. That is why we have named “ambassadors” in Enugu who vouch for the statutory use of the funds. These are:

Sr. Kate (Directress of Charity Home)
Sr. Fidelma Chianumba
Sr. Uchenna Nwafor (ACA, ACCA)
Dr. Blaise Emebo
Pfr. Prof. Ignatius Obinwa

Donation Account:

IBAN: GB40 CITI 1850 0810 3866 42
SORT CODE: 185008



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